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Checked from: Frankfurt, Germany


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@tha_shroom @Battlerite I MEAN WILL YOU LOOK AT THOSE LEGS?!
@Dr_Gnome_TV @Battlerite @Twitch_RT @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchRetweetr @ShoutGamers @twitchtvhost @TwitchAwesome @twitchshare_ @TwitchRetweetsU I didn't know you had twitch, i'll shoot you a follow.
@Battlerite hey I love the game. Is there a way I can support the game besides using money. I want to make this game a big deal.
@Battlerite Will Battlerite ever be available on Mac?
RT @Battlerite: 👓 What do you think? Alysia with glasses or Alysia without? Thank you to NdNc21!…
@Battlerite is it a bug that pestilus can invest an invisible jamila?
@Battlerite OMG he has two legs that's impressive !
@Battlerite OwO What's this?
@Battlerite Looks like Skywraith Mage from @DOTA2 But either way I can't wait. He looks dope.
@PunderfulYT @Battlerite Well he has a thicc upper body and a shield/1hand weapon combo. But ye its a strech im just sceptical that they are already close to a new hero.
@Battlerite Long shot but ..... Freya's Mom? I'm just thinking how Freya got a hammer from "Mom" for Christmas (seen in the holiday pose), this character has a hammer too and I don't think is clearly male or female yet.
@Battlerite you need to make this joke a reality.
@Keiranthil @NBA2KPlayUnion @Battlerite u dont know basketball
RT @Keiranthil: Giving the new season of @Battlerite a go over at #NBA2KLeague #esports #Battlerite
Giving the new season of @Battlerite a go over at #NBA2KLeague #esports #Battlerite

How We Check

The server status is checked every 60 seconds from three different locations in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany), America (Oregon, USA) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan) to ensure the highest possible accuracy. I am planning to expand to other locations.
When the server is not responding to the majority of locations within ten seconds, it is declared as offline.

All servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform!