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Checked from: Frankfurt, Germany


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@WhytLightninTV @ambaex_ I love Fortnite but I suck! I need the shooting precision of @DestinyTheGame in Fortnite. If @Bungie made a Battle Royale mode, omg that world def bring back players!
RT @GoodKhaos: LIVE now STREAMING #DESTINY, feelin' the nostalgia! Come hang out! #destinythegame #destiny1 #d1 @Bungie @DestinyTheGame @Y…
@CrazyJuan77 @DeeLiRiouS13 @DFizzlio @MechaDragon101 @g1MarioMiyamoto @Lexie_FM @collins_m81 @TheLNGamers @petethrillhouse @longie_long @Roccityroller1 @ItsCoryJ @TheDude1979 @Vyprstryke @StingerNLG @Huvi123 @Madz_MG @JayTheGamerKW @verysuperjamous @StormOfBlood35 @domisking323 @Belgian_Girl17 @thatonenerd0402 @DeucesRage @GriffinBenger @nickodemus_x @HardcoreMetal89 @MegaBadseed @_Victorres_ @PlayNListen @T00muchF00D @sincere_TFG @Bender_Guitar @piccolo930 @travplaysgames @theMcAxl @JotunGame @bmbnbs @LordCognito @osborn2009 @JonathanDB16 @Shiffty25 @DestinyTheGame @AJSwain @The__Goomba @LyokoTravels @SilentHero3142 @Colt_steal @RaichuRocks99 @ajnrules Divisive? It's easily one of the best.
RT @CrazyJuan77: @DeeLiRiouS13 @DFizzlio @MechaDragon101 @g1MarioMiyamoto @Lexie_FM @collins_m81 @TheLNGamers @petethrillhouse @longie_long…
@ChuckSauce916 @DestinyTheGame @kirkhamilton @jasonschreier You are my hero
@DestinyTheGame maybe I missed this -- what was the justification for making grenades useless?
@Kuruyami @DestinyTheGame Because we also paid for this game you troll, we can voice our opinions on money that was stolen because of lies.
Holy crap. Destiny 2 in 4K on PC is gorgeous. @DestinyTheGame why can’t I quit you?!
RT @WWETheBigShow: Follow me and RT with your Playstation ID for a chance to play #Destiny2 with me on Dec. 8 on PS4. Don’t own @DestinyThe…
@BungieHelp @Destinythegame heres a novel friggin idea. How about,instead of giving all the weapons (cont)
Also LIVE on #twitch! Come visit! #smallstreamer #streaming #destiny1 #destiny #d1 #destinythegame #gameplay @Twitch @TwitchShare @DestinyTheGame @Bungie
LIVE now STREAMING #DESTINY, feelin' the nostalgia! Come hang out! #destinythegame #destiny1 #d1 @Bungie @DestinyTheGame @YouTube #ps4 #ps4gameplay #smallyoutuber #smallyoutubercommunity #smallstreamer #GamersAreGood
I see all from my lovely perch! @DestinyTheGame #PS4share
@Malichos @VykarR @Roccityroller1 @ItsCoryJ @TheDude1979 @Vyprstryke @StingerNLG @Huvi123 @Madz_MG @JayTheGamerKW @verysuperjamous @StormOfBlood35 @domisking323 @Belgian_Girl17 @thatonenerd0402 @DeucesRage @DeeLiRiouS13 @DFizzlio @GriffinBenger @nickodemus_x @HardcoreMetal89 @MegaBadseed @_Victorres_ @PlayNListen @CrazyJuan77 @T00muchF00D @sincere_TFG @Bender_Guitar @piccolo930 @travplaysgames @theMcAxl @JotunGame @bmbnbs @LordCognito @osborn2009 @JonathanDB16 @Shiffty25 @DestinyTheGame @AJSwain @TheLNGamers @The__Goomba @NotoriousJnX @RobertMCatalano @petethrillhouse Nominated by @Malichos the soundtrack I choose... Tommy Boy I nominate... @Kellummaul404 @sillymurp @DemoFredriccMR @JoricGaming @WatchMixer
@DestinyTheGame BRING BACK THE LAST WORD! stop playing around, i’m tired of it.

How We Check

The server status is checked every 60 seconds from three different locations in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany), America (Oregon, USA) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan) to ensure the highest possible accuracy. I am planning to expand to other locations.
When the server is not responding to the majority of locations within ten seconds, it is declared as offline.

All servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform!