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Checked from: Oregon, USA


Checked from: Frankfurt, Germany


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The tweets were addressed to @NeedforSpeed. Maybe you'll find someone who has the same problem as you!

WEEKND / NFS CINEMATIC / 1080p @NeedforSpeed @TUSChilly
@DomesticMango @NeedforSpeed 180sx, you should do a poll
@NeedforSpeed Will you add the BMW M8 to the game when it's coming out? Would be a dream to have that car in the game.
@NeedforSpeed @EAHelp I wanted to see if you could help me with something on Need for Speed payback. I went on today and all my progress was erased attempted to see if it just needed reset but it didn't help. Can you give me any advice on what to do? Or if you could do anything?
@Gabrieltteoo @named_xx @NightSamurais @NeedforSpeed Dark Beast ??
Track Ready . . #NightSamurais #NeedforSpeed #MazdaMiata @NeedforSpeed
@NeedforSpeed Can you bring the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X to the game? Thx.
@NeedforSpeed when are you guys going to add the Mitsubishi Evo X ????
@NeedforSpeed anyone else want the 2015-2019 Dodge Charger in the game
?Child Abduction? on @NeedforSpeed Payback. What is going on? #nfs #nfspayback #needforspeed #ea #EASports
@NeedforSpeed please guys, put that back! ??
@NeedforSpeed Guys I have one wish it is to have the Mazda rx8 into the game for the next update
@AlbyFast @NeedforSpeed I'm waiting for Forza Horizon 4
RT @NeedforSpeed: WE'RE LIVE! ? Play it First with EA Access or Origin Access! #NFSPayback
@DeadlyWanderer @NeedforSpeed You need to get it now lol.

How We Check

The server status is checked every 60 seconds from three different locations in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany), America (Oregon, USA) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan) to ensure the highest possible accuracy. I am planning to expand to other locations.
When the server is not responding to the majority of locations within ten seconds, it is declared as offline.

All servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform!