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The tweets were addressed to @netflix. Maybe you'll find someone who has the same problem as you!

Like, you ALMOST had me on board for that Charlie?s Angels reboot and then they zigged with Kristen Stewart when they should?ve zagged with THE ENTIRE LEAD CAST OF #IBIZA ON @NETFLIX. Okay good talk.
RT @obsen8: #netflixicons for #sense8 they could be that way @netflix *? @Sense8Cluster
@nabia4ta Keep tweeting ??#savecolony #renewcolony we need to make some noise and tell @netflix what we need!!!!
RT @ewokmama: More female comedy specials needed on @Netflix. Sooooo many dudes, mostly white.
Been on the phone with @netflix for over three hours now. Have done over 50 troubleshooting steps. They still say it's not their problem. I asked for a TWO DOLLAR credit for the inconvenience. They said no. Bye bye @netflix
Though I have seen a lot of @LuchaElRey's highlights over the seasons, I decided to take the plunge & download @netflix so I could finally watch it all the way through starting with episode number one.
RT @awesomenesstv: OMG the To All the Boys I've Loved Before trailer is finally here!!! ? ? ? Watch the film only on @netflix, August 17th?
Real question.... why ?Martin? not on Netflix? @netflix handle that.
@netflix Save The #Colony
RT @CMPunk: It's finally happening! More obstacles. More countries. More epic. Cheer on Team USA when #UltimateBeastmaster: Survival of the?
RT @BigdaddyJimmyV: Hey @netflix - thank you for adding @ThatKevinSmith CLERKS to the roster of movies to stream. Now how about you throw?
@calebwhitley_ @netflix i have 2 full seasons and select other episodes;)))

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