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The tweets were addressed to @netflix. Maybe you'll find someone who has the same problem as you!

@netflix -Why are movie makers like Netflix pushing INTER RACIAL relationships e.g. Theo James & Kat Graham in the new movie ?How It Ends?? Is Hollywood intentionally trying to end white exclusive & black exclusive relationships? @POTUS @BreitbartNews @NewsHour @BuzzFeedNews
@netflix @AmazonStudios @hulu @SYFY please save our show it?s almost seven weeks and this fandom is still going strong. We?re dedicated #SaveShadowhunters
RT @tates5a: Will & Katie Bowman, we got your back! The Resistance is here! The #SaveColony campaign begins NOW! Ask @amazon, @apple, @?
Drug Lords on @netflix >>
RT @MegBonneyWriter: Ok, @hulu, @netflix and @FreeformTV. Let's talk about #Shadowhunters. #SaveShadowhunters
@netflix @sense8 -we need more please
@netflix should hide the description of the next episode of a series until you watch it. I have accidentally spoiled series so many times.
RT @tweakatweet: #MyTeenageBedroom would be late nights where "I Dream of Jeaney" #Gypsy @renew_gypsy @netflix
@M_F_Ninja @JoshuaBrown18 @common_censored @PGChute @anthonyjeselnik @netflix @therealroseanne Roy Moore lost in ALABAMA. No, Conservatives did not vote for him. He is no longer even relevant, so your whataboutism makes no sense.
@mademarest @JoyceWhiteVance @netflix @NetflixFilm Most important part of the video, in fact in the evangelicultist world it is the only part that matters. Mr. Cohn made millions the fact that he was able to destroy many lives on top of that is merely icing on the cake.
RT @Tracey05346624: @chrisdashrob @andrewphung @KimsConvenience @netflix @bitterasiandude @SimuLiu @jean_yoon @iAndreaBang Right?!!..honest?
@TylerShoemaker @CodeBlackCBS @netflix What?s the first?!
RT @FreddyInSpace: I'm conducting a study and I require your participation. If you'd love to see @netflix revive #HANNIBAL, simply re-tweet?
RT @theofficialkinz: Hey @netflix, did you hear a loud whooshing sound above you at San Diego Comic Con? It was our banner message to you t?
RT @carlitoswayec: @WesTooke Please, try to find @ColonyUSA a new home. @netflix or @amazon needs to grab this amazing show. Quality writin?

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