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Checked from: Oregon, USA


Checked from: Frankfurt, Germany


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The tweets were addressed to @RL_Support. Maybe you'll find someone who has the same problem as you!

@rothman1515 @RL_Support Lol am grand champ in rank so you get good
@RL_Support I?m going into competitive matches and my teammates quit so it is a 1v3 and I end up losing twice as much rank..... what?s up with that. I can?t get loss prevention because of early quitters
@RL_Support Thats not fair, sorry. My game crashes (PS4) and I get banned for five minutes? I didn't do anything. That's just not fair.
@ItReckzTWEET @RL_Support Get better so you don?t have to leave matches lmao
@RL_Support Ok, thanks.
@RL_Support can you give us an estimated time when we can expect the website to be up and running again, specifically the trading section of the site?
@RL_Support I got banned 3 times last night for the game crashing during my match.
@RL_Support rocket league when are u going setting up Spotify playlist for Xbox one?
@RL_Support I have a problem i traded for some cars (Twinzer and Mantis) and i played for a couple of hours. I closed Rocket League and turned off the computer. But when i came back the cars and the things I traded for them were not there. Plz help!
@RL_Support please just read the Tweet and not send a link to bunch of bs
@RL_Support Not in comp
Listening .@LFMannfield Ep.117 .@PodcastAddict #LFMannfield #Rocketweeter #MannfieldiaCitizen #MannfieldUnitedFan .@NinjasebFan .@NoxPhoenixRL .@PsyonixStudios .@RocketLeague .@RLEsports .@RocketLGCentral .@ESLRocketLeague .@RL_Support .@SavageRly .@IndyGaming317 .@DarthGoje
@RL_Support what is going on with RL crashing all the time?? I get banned for a few minutes for nothing...
@RL_Support I can not enter letters when playing on PS4.
@RL_Support Hello Rocket League Support. I want to know the ?whole time played on PS4? since I?ve been playing before adding that feature in the 4th season I guess. If possible, I?ll be grateful. Thank you and have a good day.

How We Check

The server status is checked every 60 seconds from three different locations in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany), America (Oregon, USA) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan) to ensure the highest possible accuracy. I am planning to expand to other locations.
When the server is not responding to the majority of locations within ten seconds, it is declared as offline.

All servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform!