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Checked from: Frankfurt, Germany


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The tweets were addressed to @wa_status. Maybe you'll find someone who has the same problem as you!

WhatsApp's new feature can mess up relationships @WhatsApp @wa_status
same here. Since last night I am not able to use the app. @WhatsApp @wa_status
Hey @wa_status WhatsApp needs a poll function for group chats
@wa_status what's problem? The whatsapp not send messenger
RT @nansi_mishra: @drshalinisdiet advises "don't look for short cuts or quick fix methods to weight loss and do not believe in anything pos?
@drshalinisdiet advises "don't look for short cuts or quick fix methods to weight loss and do not believe in anything posted on social media unless it comes through an expert (with genuine degree in the field) and with scientific basis." @WhatsApp @wa_status @SHEROESIndia
@wa_status Unfortunately, whatsapp has stopped message
This is the right picture for all @WhatsApp & @wa_status #Whatsapp #Status #Quote #Twitter
@wa_status Hello, My Whatsapp account has deactivated by mistake Could you active my phone number is ?? my mobile model ?A1524EMC2817? thanks
@wa_status Dear Sirs, Deactivating my Whatsapp account without any prior warning is not acceptable at all. I have been using the Whatsapp service for a while now in a proper manner, without sending any spam messages nor any unsolicited and inappropriate messages,and with that
@wa_status My whatsapp service is down. Can't get activation code
Oi! Watch urself #Zuckerberg #Facebook #WhatsApp @WhatsApp @wa_status sneaky gits r still at it #dataprotection #datamisuse #privacy #eu #GDPR
@wa_status how to view previous status whatsapp archives like ig stories
@wa_status siddhappamaster
@WhatsApp @wa_status Pl bring feature allowing admins to delete content posted by other members in a group. In a group of 100 people, 1 or 2 might post annoying msg. Restricting or Removing member may not be solution always. If admin has power to delete post, it wud be great

How We Check

The server status is checked every 60 seconds from three different locations in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany), America (Oregon, USA) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan) to ensure the highest possible accuracy. I am planning to expand to other locations.
When the server is not responding to the majority of locations within ten seconds, it is declared as offline.

All servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform!